Imagination Debian Repositories

This server hosts debian repositories provided by Imagination.

mips64el repository

Debian now supports mips64el as an official architecture.

APT settings

To use the Debian mips64el repository, add the normal lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb sid main
deb-src sid main

QEMU Images / Root Filesystems

QEMU images for mips, mipsel and mips64el are available here.

You need to download a kernel, initrd and rootfs image (in qcow2 format). They should all have the same codename (sid, stretch or jessie) and all come from the same architecture. After downloading, run this to boot into Debian:

# The last 3 lines contain shell globs which find the right files if you
# didn't rename them
qemu-system-mips64el \
  -M malta \
  -cpu MIPS64R2-generic \
  -m 2G \
  -append 'root=/dev/vda console=ttyS0 mem=2048m net.ifnames=0 nokaslr' \
  -netdev user,id=user.0 \
  -device virtio-net,netdev=user.0 \
  -serial stdio \
  -usbdevice keyboard \
  -usbdevice tablet \
  -kernel vmlinux-* \
  -initrd initrd.img-* \
  -drive file=$(echo debian-*.qcow2),if=virtio

Alternatively, root filesystems are provided. These are not associated with a specific kernel and do not contain any kernel modules. You will have to provide your own kernel (and initrd if nessesary) if you intend to boot them on real hardware.